Building  The company was founded in 1998, we do the importing and exporting to many countries to worldwide ..
Our services:

Exporting Shoes ( Men Shoes & Women Shoes And Children Shoes )
Exporting Wood Products ( Windows & Doors And Plywood )
Exporting Italian Ceramic ..
Exporting all kind of Fruit ..
Exporting Genuine leather


Ices EL-HODA import-export company is an Egyptian company which was founded by Mr. El Baraa Mohamed in 1984. Our first aim is to become an international company which has worldwide business. Later and exactly in 1999 we became one of the biggest import-export companies all over Egypt. We became experts in the field of Shoes And Genuine leather exporting across Egypt and around the world. For more than 10 years our business extended to include trading with many countries companies which we won their trust shortly. Through all of this decade we have been characterized by serious work, efficient and sincerity in our business. The name EL-HODA has been preeminent and significant in the field of shoes And Genuine leather exporting in Egypt and worldwide.
Jetty Also, we have our own Shoes products, Genuine leather And all kind of fruit which characterized by its high quality production. We work on making our products to be trustworthy to all our clients and the foreign companies which we deal with. EL-HODA company remains faithful to its commitment to produce unparalleled products in Egypt. Also we work on providing the Egyptian market with high quality products of all types., . As a result of all those efforts, EL-HODA company are now listed as one of the most known companies in Egypt. Today, we can say that EL-HODA Shoes products are in many homes all over Egypt, and the clients’ trust in our products has no limits. We are proud of that trust, and our advanced position in the Egyptian market. Our current aim is to make the name of EL-HODA a well-known name everywhere and around the world.
In addition to all products and importing-exporting business , we have the ability to make trade for other import-export companies all over the world. We are professionals in this field and our history is a great witness on many successful deals have been done and a lot of other successful deals in the future.